New York City

What Did New York Look Like in 1921?

Photograph taken of West Street at Christopher Street in New York, New York, showing a distance of 15 feet 4 inches between the curb and the rail. On the billboard above the restaurant sign to the right is an advertisement...


Check Out Brooklyn in 1930

Here’s a cool photo we dug up on Shorpy showing Brooklyn in 1930. The original poster thought it was Bethlehem, PA, but clearly through the comments, it appears that this is in Brooklyn. Source: Shorpy


It’s Raining in 1943 New York City

This photo shows the Big Apple back during World War II. It was a rainy spring day that March of 1943. Source: Shorpy March 1943. “New York, New York. Times Square on a rainy day.” Photo by John Vachon for...


The Vanderbilt Mansion at Fifth Avenue and 57th St.

You’re looking at the stunning Vanderbilt Mansion in New York, which once stood at 57th St. and Fifth Ave., the base of what is now Central Park. This was the home of Cornelius Vanderbilt II, built in 1883 and stood...

Plan of the city of New York in 1789

Amazing 1789 Plan of New York City

How great are these old maps of New York? We dug this one up at the Library of Congress online and it shows the bottom of Manhattan as it looked in 1789. Click on it for some amazing details. Source:...


1935 Photo of Jefferson Market Courthouse in New York City

Check out this great photo of New York in 1935. You’re looking at the Jefferson Market Branch of the New York Public Library. It was originally built as the Third District Judicial Courthouse in the 1870s. Jefferson Market Court, southwest...


Amazing 1843 Map of Lower Manhattan

Check out New York City over 170 years ago! What a fascinating old map we dug up at the New York Public Library. Click on it for a much larger, detailed version. City of New York in 1843 Source: New...


Aerial View of Yankee Stadium in 1923

This is a great old aerial view of Yankee Stadium in 1923, the year it opened. Yankee Stadium in 1923 Source: Stuff Nobody Cares About


New York City’s Bowling Green in 1900

This old photo from 1900 shows the New York City’s Bowling Green. It’s the oldest public park in the city. New York circa 1900. “Bowling Green and Broadway.” Oldest public park in the city. 8×10 inch glass negative, Detroit Publishing...