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Funeral of Richard 'King Dick' Seddon, 21 June 1906
Remembering 'King Dick' Richard Seddon: Longest Tenured Head of Government in New Zealand
Remembering 'King Dick' Richard Seddon, the 15th Prime Minister of New Zealand and the longest tenured...
Take a Trip Back in Time: An Incredible 1909 Photo of the Rotorua Express Leaving Auckland
Take a trip back in time with this incredible 1909 photo of the Rotorua Express leaving Auckland. See...
A Look Back at Auckland, New Zealand in 1908: A Photo of the City's Waterfront
Take a look back at Auckland, New Zealand in 1908 with this old photo of the city's waterfront. It's...
A Photo of Unidentified Sailors on Board the Ship Garthsnaid in 1920
Get a glimpse into the past with this incredible photo of unidentified sailors on board the ship Garthsnaid...
Exploring the Role of Missionaries in New Zealand Before 1840 Through the Map of All Mission Stations
This blog post looks at the role of missionaries in New Zealand before 1840 as depicted through a map...
Exploring Victoria University's Early 1900s Plan
Take a look at Victoria University's plan from the early 1900s! See the original plan, learn more about...
Queen Elizabeth II's First Visit to New Zealand in 1954
Discover the story behind Queen Elizabeth II's first visit to New Zealand in 1954. Learn about her trip,...
Exploring Wellington's History: An Old Map of Wellington by the New Zealand Company in 1840
Explore the fascinating history of Wellington, New Zealand with this old map from the New Zealand Company...
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