North Carolina

The Old Country Store in Gordonton, North Carolina

Great old photo from 1939 in Gordonton, North Carolina. We’re looking at an old country store on a Sunday afternoon. A little Googling shows the building still standing today, which is just fascinating. Take a look at this image we...


Aerial View of Duke University in 1935

Check out this great aerial photograph of Duke University in North Carolina. The image was shot in 1935. View of Duke University campus from the air in 1935  Source: Duke University Archives


Old North Carolina Living in 1939

This is what life was like in North Carolina back in the 1930s. Click on it for more details. Fourth of July, near Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Rural filling stations become community centers and general loafing grounds. The men in...


What Did Asheville, North Carolina Look Like in 1902?

Check out this great old photo of Asheville, North Carolina. It’s quite beautiful, especially if you click on it to see the details. Asheville, North Carolina in 1902 Source: Library of Congress