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A Stunning Old Image of Notre Dame de Paris in Honor of the Unspeakable Tragedy
In honor of the unspeakable tragedy of the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral, here's a stunning old image...
Exploring the World’s First Photographed Person in 1838
Take a trip back in time and explore the world’s first photographed person in 1838. Louis Daguerre of...
Incredible Photo of Paris from 160 Years Ago - Click for Bigger Version
Check out this incredible photo from over 160 years ago. Click on it for a larger version of Paris from...
Free French Tanks Roll Through Paris Near the End of WWII, 71 Years Ago
On this day 71 years ago, Free French tanks and half tracks of General Leclerc's 2nd Armored Division...
A Historical Look at Paris' 10km Swimming Race on the Seine
Take a look back at the 10km swimming race on the Seine in Paris, which was held from 1905-1940. This...
A Rare Look at the Statue of Liberty Head on Display in Paris in 1883
Take a rare look at the Statue of Liberty head on display in a Paris park back in 1883, before being...
A Glimpse of Paris in 1900: Color Images of the City from the Exposition Universelle
Take a look at these beautiful color images of Paris from over 110 years ago. These images were taken...
The Eiffel Tower Seen from the Air in 1889 During the Paris Expo
Take a look at this incredible photograph of the Eiffel Tower seen from the air during the Paris Expo...
An Amazing Window Into The Past: Old Photos From The 1889 Paris Exposition
Take a peek into the past with these amazing old photos from the 1889 Paris Exposition, where the iconic...
Exploring the Historic Streets of Paris in the 1860s
Step back in time and explore the historic streets of Paris during the 1860s. This blog post takes a...
A Look Back in Time: Exploring the Eiffel Tower in 1889
Take a look back in time to explore the Eiffel Tower in 1889 with this vintage photo from the Library...
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