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A Fascinating Look at Point Loma in San Diego From Over 115 Years Ago
Take a look back in time at this amazing old photo of Point Loma in San Diego from over 115 years ago....
A Look at the 1910 Memorial Day Parade in San Diego, California
Take a look at this incredible 1910 Memorial Day parade in San Diego, California. It's full of wonderful...
Remember San Diego in the 1970s? Great Photos & a Book about the Gaslamp Quarter
Take a stroll down memory lane and explore San Diego in the 1970s with a series of great photos we've...
An Aerial View of San Diego Stadium Under Construction
Get a bird's eye view of San Diego Stadium (formerly known as Jack Murphy Stadium, now Qualcomm Stadium)...
San Diego Streetcar Photos from the 1940s
Take a look at cool old photos of San Diego streetcars from the 1940s and view the same area today on...
The Douglas T2D Torpedo Bomber Flying Over San Diego in 1927
In 1927, the first year the Douglas T2D torpedo bomber was delivered to the US military, a stunning photo...
Take a Trip Back in Time: 1960s Postcard of the Hanalei Hotel in San Diego
Take a trip back in time with this 1960s postcard of the Hanalei Hotel in San Diego. Enjoy the sights...
Take a Trip Back in Time to 1899 San Diego and Coronado Beach in Rare Photos
Take a trip back to 1899 and explore San Diego and Coronado Beach with these rare photos from 1899. Click...
Take a Look Back in Time - An 1880 Bird's-Eye View of San Diego and Coronado
Take a look back in time at an 1880 bird's-eye view of San Diego and Coronado. You're looking at Coronado...
A Look at San Diego 100 Years Ago from the Roof of the U.S. Grant Hotel
Take a look back in time to explore San Diego 100 years ago as it was seen from the roof of the U.S....
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