Great Photos of Ken Griffey Jr.

Ken Griffey Jr. was just elected to the Hall of Fame, and he deserves some acknowledgement here as one of the greatest players of our generation, if not ever. Here is a series of cool old photos showing The Kid in...


Mickey Mantle Having a Bad Day

This old photo, taken by John Dominis, shows Mickey Mantle tossing his batting helmet after a bad plate appearance. Yankee Mickey Mantle flinging his batting helmet away in disgust during bad day at bat. (Photo by John Dominis//Time Life Pictures/Getty...


Hank Aaron Camel Cigarette Ad From 1962

What? Hammerin’ Hank Aaron endorsed smoking cigarettes? Well, I guess everyone did it back then, but look how ridiculously young he looks in the advertisement.   Vintage 1960s magazine advertisement, Camel Cigarettes, with sports celebrity endorsement from 28-year-old major league...


Ted Williams Meets Babe Ruth at 1943 Charity Game

This photo shows two of the greatest baseball players that have ever lived. Ted Williams and Babe Ruth met on July 12th, 1943 in front of 18,000 fans at Fenway Park for Mayor Tobin Field Day to support under-privileged children....


1940s Fenway Park in Color

Hey Red Sox Nation! Take a look at this great vintage photo of your baseball church, Fenway Park. What a beautiful old image showing the park, looking out towards left field and the Green Monster. Fenway Park in Boston in...


1885 North Carolina Tar Heels Baseball Team

Check out this great photo of the University of North Carolina baseball team in 1885. These are some seriously plain uniforms with some goofy looking hats. UNC baseball team in 1885 Source: UNC University Libraries


Kirk Gibson and Orel Hershiser, Spring Training 1989

The 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers were awesome. It was an amazing baseball season largely due to these two amazing players. Kirk Gibson had an awesome season, hit the most memorable home run in World Series history (though there are a...