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Take a Look at This Stunning Old Photograph of Stockholm, Sweden from 1906
Take a look at this stunning old photograph of Stockholm, Sweden from 1906. Click on it for more details...
Take a Trip Back in Time: This Cool Old Photo Shows Central Stockholm in the 1920s
Take a trip back in time with this cool old photo of Central Stockholm in the 1920s. Click on it for...
Marvel of Engineering: Exploring the Old Stockholm Telephone Tower
Explore the old Stockholm telephone tower, a marvel of engineering from 1887. This structure was ordered...
Stockholm 1936 – A Cool Old Film of the Venice of the North
We're closing out the week with some old film footage of Stockholm, Sweden from before World War II....
Beautiful Color Photos of Stockholm, Sweden in 1897
Explore beautiful color photos of Stockholm, Sweden in 1897. Images from Library of Congress depict Skansen,...
A 1970 Aerial View of Stockholm, Sweden: A Postcard Found on Flickr
Explore Stockholm, Sweden in 1970 with this stunning aerial view postcard found on Flickr. See the Royal...
Exploring Stockholm in the 1910s: A Look at the Royal Palace
Explore the beautiful waterfront of Stockholm, Sweden in the 1910s with this incredible old photo. The...
Exploring Stockholm Through Amazing Historical Photos from the 1890s to the 1970s
Take a journey back in time with this series of amazing historical photos of Stockholm, from the 1890s...
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