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Southern View of Stockholm in 1906

This stunning old photograph shows the city of Stockholm, Sweden back in 1906. Click on it for more details. Old postcard view of Stockholm...

Cool View of Stockholm in the 1920s

This cool old photo shows central Stockholm in the 1920s. Click on it for more details. Stockholm - Slussen in the 1920s Source: Ralph Wilson

Old Stockholm Telephone Tower

This is one of the more bizarre contraptions that we have come across. It's quite a marvel of engineering. Below you're looking at Telefontornet, which...

1936 Film of Stockholm, Venice of the North

We've had a great week of posts for Stockholm, Sweden. We're going to close out the week with some old film footage of the...

This is Stockholm, Sweden in the 1890s

These are photos of Stockholm in 1897, beautiful color images. Skansen, Stockholm, Sweden Source: Library of Congress General Art and Industrial Exposition, Stockholm, Sweden Source: Library...

Beautiful Stockholm Seen From the Air in 1970

This is a beautiful photo of Stockholm as seen from the air. The image is from a 1970 postcard that we found on Flickr. ...

Stockholm’s Waterfront and the Royal Palace in the 1910s

Here's a cool old photos of Stockholm in the 1910s. I don't know the city very well, but the building in focus appears to...

This is Stockholm in the 1920s

We have a series of amazing images of Stockholm coming up this week from the 1890s on up to the 1970s. Stockholm is a beautiful...

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