Pan Am 747 at Sydney International Airport in 1970

This terrific old photo from October 25th, 1970 was taken in Sydney, Australia and shows the second-ever Boeing 747 manufacturer and delivered to Pan Am. The plane was in Sydney en route back to Los Angeles. Pan American Boeing 747...


Sydney’s Bondi Beach in 1969

This photo was taken by an American soldier on shore leave from Vietnam. Sydney’s Bondi Beach in 1969 Source: Shorpy


1922 Aerial Map of Sydney

Check out this fascinating old map of Sydney, Australia from 1922. Robinson’s aeroplane map of Sydney (1922) Source: Library of Congress


Check Out Sydney’s Wynyard Station in 1948

This cool photo shows everyday life for Sydney commuters in 1948. Below is Wynyard Station in Sydney, Australia. Rail commuters on the escalators at Wynyard Railway StationDated: 25 February 1948 Source: State Records NSW


Cool View of Sydney From the Air in 1945

This beautiful and fascinating old photograph from August of 1945 shows Sydney from the air. If you click to zoom in on it, you can see some amazing details. View of Sydney, Australia from the air by Charles Daniel Pratt...


Colorized Image of Sydney Over 100 Years Ago

How stunning is this colorized image of Sydney, Australia? Any idea when this was taken? I’m guessing sometime in the early 1900s. Colorized image of Sydney, Australia over 100 years ago Source: Oregon State University Collections & Archives


Beautiful 1895 Photo of Farm Cove in Sydney

Take a look at this beautiful old 19th century photo of Farm Cove in Sydney, Australia. The details of it are quite amazing. Full glass plate negative of a view of ships in Farm Cove taken from the Man O’War...


Beautiful Ship Moored in Sydney Harbour in 1931

This cool old photo shows the RMS Ormonde in Sydney Harbour. In the background, the Harbour Bridge is still being built. The photo is from 1931. This image depicts the Orient Steam Navigation Company’s RMS ORMONDE in Sydney Harbour with...