Houston -- a modern city in 1912

Check Out Houston in 1912

This amazing old bird’s eye view of Houston was done in 1912. Click on it to see what you recognize of the city today. Source: Library of Congress 


1860s Market Square Outside Dallas, Texas

This photo shows Cleburne, Texas some time in the 1860s. You have to click on it to see amazing details. Market Square, Cleburne, Texas Source: Library of Congress


What Did Dallas Look Like in 1942?

This photo shows Dallas at night in 1942, during World War II. Anyone recognize where in Dallas this might be? Night view, downtown section. Dallas, Texas – January 1942 Source: Library of Congress


Mickey Mantle Hits First Ever Indoor Home Run in 1965

Today is a historic day. It marks 50 years since the first indoor home run was hit in Houston, Texas, by Mickey Mantle. That’s right, April 9th, 1965, off of Turk Farrell in an exhibition game. Mickey Mantle at bat...


Teddy Roosevelt and Rough Riders in San Antonio

Here’s a great old photo of Teddy Roosevelt with some Rough Riders in 1898. They’re posing in front of Mission Conception (Mission Nuestra Señora de la Purísima Concepción de Acuña) in San Antonio, Texas during the Spanish-American War. Theodore Roosevelt...