U.S. Civil War

1863 portrait of Gen. Custer

Portrait of General George A. Custer

This is a fantastic old portrait of General George Armstrong Custer. This photo was taken in 1863 by Mathew Brady, during the Civil War. Source: U.S. National Archives


This is What Atlanta and Peachtree St. Looked Like in 1864

This old photo shows Atlanta in 1864 after General Sherman occupied the city and began his deadly March to the Sea. The photo was taken at what was Whitehall St., now Peachtree St., around where it currently intersects Alabama St....


What Did Knoxville Look Like During the Civil War?

See for yourself. Here is an old image that we found at the Library of Congress showing the city as it looked in 1864, near the end of the Civil War. The detail is quite incredible if you click on it,...


1860s Photo of Rocketts Landing in Richmond, Virginia

This Civil War-era image shows Rocketts Landing and the James River in Richmond, Virginia. Make sure you click on it for a much larger, detailed version. The photo is labeled as being taken in 1864 by noted photographer Andrew J....


Looking Down San Francisco’s Powell Street in 1866

What a cool old photo of San Francisco from just after the Civil War. Make sure you click on it for some great details in a larger image. Powell Street from the Lincoln School House, San Francisco Source: Library of...


United States Capitol During the Civil War

This image shows the U.S. Capitol Building during the Civil War. It’s an amazing photo. Click on it and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It was taken by noted photographer Mathew Brady. Capitol of the United States, Washington, D.C....


The Capitol in Nashville During the Civil War

This is a beautiful old image of Nashville, showing the Capitol Building during the Civil War. Source: Library of Congress Here is a similar view on Google Street View.