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A Rare Look at Frederick Douglass in 1876, Standing in Front of His Capitol Hill Home
This is a rare glimpse of Frederick Douglass in 1876, standing in front of his Capitol Hill home. Check...
What a Bizarre Sight: A Tank in Front of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.
Take a look at this bizarre sight: a tank parked in front of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C....
A Closer Look at the Washington Monument as it Stood for 25 Years in 1860
Get an up-close view of the Washington Monument in 1860 through an amazing glass-plate (wet collodion)...
Exploring the Earliest Photograph of the White House
Take a journey through history and explore the earliest known photograph of the White House, taken in...
A Great 1919 Photo of Pennsylvania Avenue and Trucks in a Parade
Check out this amazing photo from 1919! It shows Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C. with a truck...
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