Mt. Rainier in Seattle Back in 1921

This photo shows the view of Mt. Ranier in Seattle in 1921 from 1208 Bigelow Ave. N. Seattle’s Mt. Rainier in 1921 Source: Library of Congress This is what the address looks like today. [iframe src=”https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m0!3m2!1sen!2sus!4v1456803673847!6m8!1m7!1srQ-XmjI1Mdww8fr6lFP3CA!2m2!1d47.6301093!2d-122.35063!3f115.27!4f0!5f0.7820865974627469″ width=”600″ height=”450″ frameborder=”0″ style=”border:0″ allowfullscreen]


Seattle Lake Shore and Eastern Railway in 1887

This beautiful photo shows the Seattle waterfront looking east up Columbia Ave. in 1887. You’re looking at the Seattle Lake Shore and Eastern Railway. The Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern only operated between 1885 and 1896.Seattle’s Burke Gilman Trail replaced...


What Did Seattle Look Like in 1890?

This beautifully detailed old photograph shows 1st Ave. in Seattle, back in 1890. Click on it for some stunning details. 1st Ave. looking north in Seattle, Washington – c. 1890 Source: University of Washington Digital Collections


1920s View of Mt. Rainier and Seattle

What a great view of Seattle in 1921. Click on it for a larger version. View of Mt. Rainer and Seattle in 1921 from 1208 Bigelow Ave. N Source: Library of Congress The image is labeled as being taken from...


What Did the Seattle Waterfront Look Like in 1900?

Take a look below and see the beautiful view of Seattle from the water back in 1900. What a stunning image. Click on it for a larger version. Photo of Seattle waterfront in 1900 (Detroit Publishing Company) Source: Library of...


Bird’s-Eye View of Seattle and King County in 1891

How cool is this old print showing Seattle and King County in 1891. It makes you wonder how they did this in the days before airplanes. I’m guessing largely from their imagination? Bird’s-eye view of Seattle and King County from...


1920s Photo of Yesler Way in Seattle, Washington

This beautiful photo shows Seattle’s Yesler Way back in the 1920s. How awesome is this? Click on the image below for some incredible details. Seattle’s Yesler Way in the 1920s Source: Flickr user photolibrarian Make sure you don’t miss our...


Seattle Intersection of 14th and Leary in 1921

This photo shows the intersection of 14th and Leary in Seattle back in 1921. Pretty amazing right? Click on the photo because we have a much larger version that you can zoom in on and see some incredible details. You’ll...


Seattle’s Second Avenue at Night in 1952

What a beautiful old photo of Seattle at night. This image shows Second Avenue at night back in 1952. You are looking north from Yesler. We poked around Google Maps to find a similar view, so check that out below...