World War II


It’s Raining in 1943 New York City

This photo shows the Big Apple back during World War II. It was a rainy spring day that March of 1943. Source: Shorpy March 1943. “New York, New York. Times Square on a rainy day.” Photo by John Vachon for...


Cologne Cathedral During World War II

This beautiful black and white photo shows the cathedral in Cologne during World War II. Thankfully it survivied the bombings and stands today. Click on the image for better details. Source: Flickr user Kevin Trotman


1941’s Fourth of July in Vale, Oregon

This was the last Fourth of July before the U.S. entered World War II. This series of photos shows a time when things were more innocent. Source: Library of Congress


Catastrophic Bomb Damage in Tokyo During World War II

Below is a photograph — which really isn’t cool as much as it is historic — showing Tokyo and the incredible damage caused by Allied bombing raids. Click on it to see the zoomed in version. Aerial view of bomb...


B-29 Superfortress Crash Lands on Iwo Jima

What a fascinating photo of a B-29 Superfortress which crash landed on Iwo Jima. A 19th Bomb Group Boeing B-29 which had its controls shot away while encountering heavy flak over Tokyo, made an emergency crash-landing on Motoyama Airfield,Iwo Jima...


Copenhagen, Denmark Bicyclists During the 1940s

This great old photo from World War II shows the city of Copenhagen, Denmark and its plethora of bicyclists in Nørrebrogade commuting through the city. Copenhagen, Denmark in the 1940s Source: National Museum of Denmark


Liberation of Paris in August of 1944

This amazing historic image shows Free French tanks rolling through Paris, passing by the Arc de Triomphe after the city was liberated from the Nazis near the end of World War II, 71 years ago. Photo shows Free French tanks...


World War II Boeing B-29 Factory in Wichita, Kansas

Here is a great photo from World War II, showing a fleet of Boeing B-29s being built in the assembly facilities at Wichita, Kansas. This isn’t quite as good as this colorized image of women building the B-17. Boeing B-29...