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Check Out What Cincinnati Looked Like in 1909, As Seen From Mt. Adams

Take a look at what Cincinnati looked like in 1909, as seen from Mt. Adams. See the Acorn Buggy Company, Cincinnati Bag, and J.Chas. McCullough Seedsman in the skyline! Source: Shorpy.
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Check out what Cincinnati looked like in 1909, as seen from Mt. Adams. Pretty nice view!

Circa 1909. “Cincinnati from Mount Adams.” The continuation of our previous view of the Queen City. Among the enterprises whose names are blazoned across the factory district’s smoky skyline: Acorn Buggy Company, Cincinnati Bag (“Cotton, Seamless and Burlap”) and of course J. Chas. McCullough, “Seedsman.” 8×10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company.

Source: Shorpy

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