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A Look Back at Australia in 1935 – William Jolly Bridge in Brisbane

Get a glimpse of Australia in 1935 through this amazing photo of the William Jolly Bridge in Brisbane. Learn the interesting history behind the bridge and see some of our other great images of Australia.
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Take a look at this gem of a photo that we dug up on Flickr. You’re looking at Brisbane, Australia in 1935 and the bridge in the background is the Grey Street Bridge (now know as the William Jolly Bridge). Click on the image for more details. It’s quite impressive.

Source: Flickr user pellethepo

When opened, during the worst year of the Great Depression [1932], the bridge was known simply as the Grey Street Bridge. It was renamed to the William Jolly Bridge on 5 July 1955 in memory of William Jolly, the first Lord Mayor of Greater Brisbane.

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