What Did Brooklyn’s Ebbets Field Look Like?

The life of the Brooklyn Dodgers ended when the O’Malley family moved the team to Los Angeles for the 1958 Major League Baseball season. Hearts were broken all over Brooklyn with the loss of their team, and unfortunately, they would soon lose their beloved stadium, Ebbets Field.

Below is a series of great old photos showing the glorious old ballpark in its heyday. The first one below is from 1913, the year it opened, one year after Fenway Park in Boston, and one year before Wrigley Field in Chicago.

Brooklyn National League Grounds

Brooklyn National League Grounds – “Ebbets Field” in 1913

Below is a photo of the first game played in the ballpark, an exhibition between the New York Yankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Ebbets Field – April 5, 1913

Ray Caldwell, New York AL, pitching in exhibition game which was the first game at Ebbets Field, April 5, 1913

Source: Library of Congress

Game one of the 1920 World Series

Crowd at Ebbets Field for game one of the World Series on October 5th, 1920

Here’s one from the 1920 World Series between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Cleveland Indians. This was a slightly different one than we’re used to, given that it was a best-of-nine series. Also, the series had the first ever World Series grand slam, first pitcher hitting a home run, and the only triple play ever.

Source: Library of Congress

Crowd at Ebbets Fields on October 5th, 1920

Crowd at Ebbets Fields on October 5th, 1920

Finally, here is the crowd inside the ballpark during that first World Series game in 1920.

Source: Library of Congress