What Did Detroit Look Like in the Early 1900s?

Over the weekend we put out a call for suggestions on cities to feature. One that came back quickly was Detroit by @tjvalenti. Well, ask and ye shall receive … and there are more coming later this week! So, if you’re from Motor City, thank @tjvalenti for the cool photos this week.

Take a look at these four great old photos of Detroit. Click on any of them for a larger version. The first one shows Cadillac Square around 1902.

Cadillac Square and county building, Detroit, Mich.

Source: Library of Congress

The photo below shows Askin & Marine Credit Parlors in 1906.

Askin & Marine credit parlors

Source: Library of Congress

The photo below is B. Siegel Company’s store in 1906, which I believe was at 1071 Woodward Avenue.

B. Siegel Company’s store

Source: Library of Congress

And finally, we have the Detroit Opera House, sometime between 1900 and 1905.

Detroit Opera House

Source: Library of Congress