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Exploring Grand Rapids, Michigan in the Early 1900’s Through Vintage Photos

Take a trip back in time to explore Grand Rapids, Michigan in the early 1900s through vintage photos. See the city from Jefferson and Sheldon Avenues, City Hall and the Court House. View the full images for a more detailed look.
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We posted a few great old images of Grand Rapids earlier in the life of this blog. Here is a great series of images showing the city as it looked in the early 1900s. Click on each of them for larger, more detailed versions.

Grand Rapids Chair Co., Grand Rapids, Mich.

Below is an unlabeled street in Grand Rapids. Can you identify this spot?

Unlabeled street in Grand Rapids, Mich.

The next two images show some street views of the city.

Jefferson Avenue, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Sheldon Avenue, Grand Rapids, Mich.

City Hall, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Court House, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Source: Library of Congress

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