What Did Vancouver’s Granville Street Look Like in 1902?

  • April 28, 2015

Are you from Vancouver, Canada? Then you’ll love this next photo of Granville St., taken in 1902. Make sure you click on it for a larger version that you’ll be able to zoom in on. It’s pretty amazing, the details in the image. And, I believe the building at the end of the road there is the Canadian Pacific Railway Station. There’s a better photo of it below.

Granville Street, Vancouver, B.C. in 1902

Source: Library of Congress

Here’s the great photo of the old train station in 1902.

Old train station in Vancouver

Source: Library of Congress

In case you were wondering, Granville St. takes its name from Granville Leveson-Gower, who was the British Secretary of State for the Colonies at the time of local settlement, between 1868 and 1870. Also, here’s a cool history site about Vancouver’s buildings.