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U.S. Military Marched Through Vladivostok, Siberia in 1919

In 1919, the USS Albany landed troops at Vladivostok, Siberia to check Japanese aggression in the area. See the photo of the troops marching through the streets. Source: National Museum of the U.S. Navy.
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Did this really happen? Yes. The U.S. military marched through Vladivostok, Siberia in Russia.

Russian Intervention, 1918-20. Crewmen of USS Albany (CL-23) march through the streets of Vladivostok, Siberia, during a parade of Allied Forces there in 1919. U.S. Army photograph, now in the collections of the U.S. National Archives.

In 1919, the USS Albany landed troops at Vladivostok to check Japanese aggression in the area. The troops were withdrawn from the area in the spring of 1920. Below is photo of the troops marching through the streets.

Source: National Museum of the U.S. Navy



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